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Monday, December 31, 2012

I suppose it is fitting that I start the blog up again just before the year ends. My previous posting was the second day of this year... this one is the last day of 2012.

I'm happy to report editing of DOEVILLE is well-underway, but alas, the film will take all of 2013 to complete, and that is if all goes well with fundraising. January will be a busy month for me as I prep for my crowd-funding campaign on Indegogo.

Stay tuned... on January 1, we'll be starting the 31 day countdown for the campaign that will begin Feb 1 and run for 31 days through March 3.   Don't worry, I'll be telling you all a lot more about this in the coming days.

And I will need everyone's help so that this wonderful celebration of our friend Gail can finally see the light of day.

Happy New Year everyone.

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